LPPM UMSIDA has a vision:

“To be a nationally qualified institute for research and community service in 2020”

LPPM UMSIDA transforms its vision into a mission:

“To build Indonesia for being continually progress through research and community service based on Islamic values”

Here are the efforts undertaken to carry out the mission:

  • Conducting research and community service based on Islamic values.
  • Developing competence of human resources in the field of research and community service who have moral, intellectual, and professional excellence.
  • Improving the quality of research and community service to support the process of learning and development of science and technology, and the welfare of the community based on local potentials.
  • Implementing institutional governance credibly, transparently, accountably, responsibly and fairly.
  • Improving research and community service with domestic and foreign institutions for strengthening the four dharma of Muhammadiyah university.
  • Increasing the synergy between related units in the implementation of research and community service activities.